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Training Our Youth and Building Our Nation’s Workforce

Workforce Development

Workforce Development

CMI’s experience with the Jacksonville, FL Job Corps Center operation provided us crucial insight for training and preparing at risk youth to meet the needs of future employers, industry and labor-market demands.

As a credentialed solution provider for Job Corps Center Operations, CMI is dedicated to building the nation’s workforce

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Facilities Management

Optimize Building Performance. Improve Processes. Reduce Operational Costs.

CMI assists our clients to reduce overall operational costs in buildings as small as 100K -1.8M SF single buildings to 2.6M SF campuses with multiple buildings. Projects range from customizing facilities management solutions to managing facilities operations at client sites. Our solutions include

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Records/Admin Support

Records Management Programs for Government and Commercial Customers

CMI develops and supports complete records management programs for government and commercial customers. Our solutions safeguard vital information, streamline processes, standardize file organization, minimize risks, and save space and resources.

CMI enhances customers’ capabilities for promoting the capture of documents electronically as well as

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Team with CMI

CMI strives to cultivate relationships with companies, both large and small, whose capabilities complement our own and our capabilities theirs, so that we can deliver the highest quality solution to our customers.

As an 8(a) graduate and long-time mentor, CMI understands the challenges facing small businesses. We have constantly exceeded the

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CMI's Experience

The challenges facing organizations are from several directions all at once. In the federal arena, some of these include meeting Presidential Directives; i.e. to cut costs and become more transparent, organize all received and agency generated email, digitize all permanent records, determine the viability of cloud storage, protect privacy information while continuing to address a myriad of legacy information residing in warehouses, on hard drives, film, paper, disks, etc., and developing the capacity to accept public submissions online. With demands for less spending and simultaneous demands for easier access to Information, organizations strive to accomplish these tasks with less resources.

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