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About Us

Founded in 1986, CMI Management, Inc. provides services to government and commercial clients in the areas of:

CMI brings big business capacity and small business agility. We pride ourselves in our experience in staffing and managing multiple locations nationwide and maintaining a robust pipeline of candidates that can be deployed at a moment’s notice to fulfill our customers’ needs. In order to maintain a pipeline of clearable and qualified candidates, we proactively recruit and screen candidates on an ongoing basis. We house thousands of resumes and identify multiple qualified candidates per position and location in our applicant tracking system at any given time. Our recruitment effort focuses on the needs of our clients to ensure that the best candidates are matched against the requirement to fill vacancies immediately as they occur.

CMI brings exacting attention to quality control, and we use our Six Sigma expertise to focus on continual process improvement, saving clients both time and money, while providing the highest quality. Our past performance, awards, recognition by numerous organizations, and high client satisfaction proves our performance at meeting and exceeding our clients’ requirements.

CMI: Due Diligence

“As a result of CMI implementation of aggressive cost controls, it reduced the level of risk associated with contract performance and reduced the quality and schedule problems throughout the contract. Because of CMI’s due diligence, they were able to extend performance without increasing funding over the life of the contract.” – USCIS