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Records/Admin Support

Speed Information Flow. Increase Efficiency. Improve Security.

Records Management Programs for Government and Commercial Customers

CMI develops and supports complete records management programs for government and commercial customers. Our solutions safeguard vital information, streamline processes, standardize file organization, minimize risks, and save space and resources.

CMI enhances customers’ capabilities for promoting the capture of documents electronically as well as determining the most effective and least costly way to incorporate all records into an electronic RIM system in order to apply a mature information lifecycle management approach. We continually monitor any and all changes in NARA guidelines aiding customers in adhering to Best Practices as they continue to evolve. Our Certified Records Manager (CRM) expertise will assist you in navigating challenges for records and information management compliance.

Let CMI Assist You to Implement Best Practices in the Following Areas:

  • Data Entry and File Operations
  • Mail and Courier Services
  • Administrative and Clerical Services
  • Data/Content Management
  • Electronic Conversion and Storage
  • Training
  • Project Development and Support


CMI’s Experience

The challenges facing organizations are from several directions all at once. In the federal arena, some of these include meeting Presidential Directives; i.e. to cut costs and become more transparent, organize all received and agency generated email, digitize all permanent records, determine the viability of cloud storage, protect privacy information while continuing to address a myriad of legacy information residing in warehouses, on hard drives, film, paper, disks, etc., and developing the capacity to accept public submissions online. With demands for less spending and simultaneous demands for easier access to Information, organizations strive to accomplish these tasks with less resources.

CMI is Talked About

CMI has provided superior performance and customer service……Their team consistently performs at or above Government-established Acceptable Quality Levels.” – USCIS


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